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With its consolidated efforts on improving infusion, blood vessel and endocrinology, Double-crane has proactively explored new medical fields and paid high attention to the drugs for children, anti-effective agents, central nerve system agents, antineoplastic agents, drugs affecting gastrointestinal function and drugs in vaccine area.
In recent years, CR double-crane has intensified its research on the drugs for children year by year. Calsurf, the active substance product on pulmonary surfactant, which has been invented jointly by Capital Institute of Pediatrics and CR Double-crane for curing neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, is the only one researched and invented by China. In 2005, since it has gone public, it has been recognized by both neonatologists and perinatal experts. It has broken the status quo that imported medicine monopolized the field of the neonatal respiratory distress syndrome and greatly reduced the death rate of RDS.
The main products of paediatrics include: calsurf, Pediatric Diarrhea Membrane, Pediatric Compound Amino Acid Injection and other drugs.

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