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As one of the pioneered pharmaceutical enterprises in infusion, CR Double-crane always promotes the idea of “Consumer's Trust on Double-crane Infusion”. In 1997, Double-crane came into the market and set the large volume injection (LVI) as one of the development goals through the focus of second-phrase development strategy. At present, Double-crane owns many production bases of infusion products and has imported many advanced technologies and equipment from German, Japan, Italy and other countries. Double-crane gradually developed into one of the pioneering enterprises of infusion by insisting on the pursuit of advanced management, technology, quality and equipment and the new starting point with high level, which is honored figuratively as the “National Team” in the industry.

The injection products of the company include:

Basic injection: soft liquid package infusion, plastic bottle infusion, glass bottle infusion, BFS, and mixed polypropyrene bag infusion (817).

Therapeutic injection: Levofloxacin Methylate Injection (Li Fuxing), Ambroxol Hydrochloride and Glucose Injection (Xin Desheng), Fructose Injection (Hu Chuan), Invert Sugar Injection (Ying Fanshu), Hydroxyethyl Starch(200/0.5)and Sodium Chloride Injection (Ying Yuan), etc.

Nephrology products: peritoneal dialysis solution and hemofiltration replacement solution.

Field Products
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