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CR Double-Crane Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CR Double-Crane) is a pharmaceuticals company with 75 years of brilliant history. Formerly known as Beijing Pharmaceuticals Factory, the company was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997 with Stock Code as 600062. In 2010, it was merged into China Resources (Group) Co, Ltd. which is one of the Global 500 companies and became the main manufacturer of chemical medicines under the Group. In 2012, the company was officially renamed from Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. to CR Double-Crane Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
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Sticking to the company mission of “caring for people and their health”, CR Double-Crane is always making great effort and keeping its faith. Today, the company has become a large-size listed pharmaceuticals group company with over ten subsidiaries and more than 12,000 staff. It focuses on sectors such as infusion, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, endocrine, and pediatric medicines and has many famous products such as Compound Reserpine and Triamterene Tablets (No.O), Gliquidone Tablets , Hydroxyethyl Starch(200/0.5)and Sodium Chloride Injection (Ying Yuan).

Levofloxacin Mesylate (LVFX), Piperacillin Sodium and Sulbactum Sodium (PIP/SBT) for Injection (4:1) (Yi Jun), Pitavastatin Calcium Tablets (Guan Shuang), Calf Pulmonary Surfactant for Injection (Calsurf), and Pediatric Compound Amino Acid Injection.

As one of the first pharmaceuticals companies as well as the first state-owned company in China which acquired GMP certification, CR Double-Crane has established a scientifically strict quality assurance system, committing to provide medicines with significant curative effect to the society. In 2014, the company continued to improve its social responsibility management system and established an all-around social responsibility structure management system. It has been awarded as the “Five-star Corporation in the Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities in Chinese Industry”, one of the “100 Pharmaceuticals Companies”, and one of the “G20 Excellent Companies”. It has won the award of “Excellent Quality” in the 10th Safe Medicine for the People Campaign with its No.O, Gliguidone and BFS.

In 2014, with “strategically guided, structure improvement, and reform and development” as its theme, and focusing on deepening of strategy, lean management, internal and external synergy, all staff performance, and team building, the company carried out all works smoothly. In this year, the company has reported a revenue of RMB4.23 billion in its main business and a net profit of RMB540 million. In 2015, China Resources Group proposed “5M” requirements on the management of its subsidiaries. Therefore, the company will start with these “5M”requirements and continue to expand, aiming to be the leader in Chinese pharmaceutical industry and making CR Double-Crane a strong and big brand for a long time.

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