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Our Culture

Huarun, the Chinese name of China Resources (CR) Group, means the Chinese land is moisturized by the rain. The group logo was designed after the calligraphy work of the great calligraphy master Yan Zhenqin in Dang dynasty. In his work, the character --- Hua (which means China) has four characters --- Ren (which means people) in the center. That is the inspiration for the design of CR Group’s logo which means the group has its culture originated from the brilliant Chinese culture. The four Rens also look like a group of arrows which point upward, meaning that the group will continue to flourish. In the center of the group logo lies a square with amber yellow color which stands for the mother earth. It means that the group always has its concern over the motherland and takes its root in the fertile soil of the great Chinese land. The white character Rens are highlighted against the amber yellow background, meaning the people in Huarun is courageous against challenges and active in innovation. This logo is an intangible asset of the group as well as a media which delivers the general messages of the group.

The logo of CR Double-Crane consists of pine and cypress patterns and crane patterns. In Chinese culture, pines and cypresses are seen as evergreen trees and cranes as long lives. In the logo, one crane holds its head up high and stands firmly, with its eyes looking into the distance. That means people in CR Double-Crane have forward-looking minds and far-reaching aspirations. They will strive ceaselessly with innovative spirits of racing for the best and the confidence in the future. Another crane stands next with its head bowing, focusing on something. That means people in CR Double-Crane will fulfill their sacred mission of “caring for the health of people” and work in a down-to-earth, strict, serious and sincere manner. The green color of the cranes stands for health, safety and longevity. It means that CR Double-Crane is full of vitality and vigor and is flourishing with pursuing safety and environmental protection, and health and longevity as its business concept.

Company value

honesty and trustworthiness, performance oriented, customer first, showing gratitude and paying back

Company spirit

pragmatism, passion, professionalism and innovation

Enterprise purpose

Care for People and Promote Health.

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