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Social Responsibility

The company sticks to its mission of “caring for the people and their health” and adheres to the social responsibility concept of “concentrating on making good medicines and concerning people’s health”. It always embeds the awareness on social responsibility into its development, integrates the concept of social responsibility into the company strategy and all value-chain management system, injects the content of responsibility into the CR Double-Crane brand, actively fulfills social responsibilities, commits to build an enterprise value-chain with social responsibility and creates a sustainable competitive strength for itself.

Concentrating on making good medicines and concerning for people’s health

Everything starts from a healthy life.

To try to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China which can “achieve the most satisfaction and trust from customers and employees and the most respect from the industry”.

Social Responsibility
To have a right attitude towards achievement, painstaking tasks, and values. To never give up on performance because it is painstaking to fulfill the job and never sacrifice noble values for performance.
Try to build “simple, straight-out, and healthy” organization culture.
To be strict on the managers and kind to employees
To always place the health of patients above profits and pursue the career of maintaining human health
To never forget the word of responsibility, concentrating on making good medicines, making people healthy, and welcoming the future all together
Responsibility lies in every second and kindness is in every drop of medicine.
To concentrate on making good medicines with gratitude to the capital city and win people’s trust in medicines made in Beijing
The quality of medicines is directly connected to the patients’ lives and the responsibility carries a company’s future.
To hold fast to the bottom-line of honesty, being honest to shareholders, customers, employees, and society
To focus on the best benefits of customers, instead of short-term performance, and to pursue long-term and sustainable development
To always work together with partners and achieve mutual wins and mutual growths; to create values together with all shareholders and pursue common well-being
While pursuing economic benefits, to never forget about the reasonable usage of resources, prevention of pollution, and fulfillment of environment protection
To promote continuous innovation and drive growth through innovation
To respect dignity of employees and maintain their rights and interests
To show gratitude and pay back to society
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