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In endocrinology, the representative medicine of the company is Gliquidone. As one of the main products of the company, Gliquidone is the oral hypoglycemic agents imported from Boehringer Ingelheim Company, a German company, through global business cooperation, filling the blank in the endocrinology medicine of the company. Gliquidone has entered domestic market as a generic drug and expanded its market by leasing prescription, leasing product brand and self-production and has become the first choice for Type II diabetes patients. It has become popular with the patients for its efficient and outstanding curative effect. In recent years, the company has intensified its research on and increased the import of new products, launching more varieties of the equivalent and enriched the product structure in endocrinology.
The main products of endocrinology include: Gliquidone, Paul Nipkow, Gaetano Borriello, Heping and other drugs.

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